Strategic communications

In today’s world reputation is your most valuable and fragile business asset. The one who doesn’t understand the importance of image is likely to go bankrupt soon”,

said Tatiana Holub, NEW VIVO president.

 Strategic communicationsIn time of tough competition information wars and dark public relations can ruin one’s reputation in the shortest time and undermine even the most genius business project.

We know the ropes of information war and have mastered dark PR techniques. We believe that efficient reputation management can turn an ordinary producer into a market leader.

Partnership and investment image of a company as well as consumer confidence in it are eventually determined by its reputation.

We create highly effective PR campaigns. We offer our customers professional services in the following strategic communication fields:

  • Reputation management
  • Investment climate creation
  • Media communications
  • Public relations
  • Anti-crisis communications

If you feel that nobody talks about you or your events are ignored and you find yourself in the information vacuum you may need our Press-centre which is always at your service.

We offer you integrated information services creating a favorable information environment around your company and placing your company in a prominent position in the market.

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